Gregg Marcus was only a 10th grader when he first ventured into the business world. Instead of getting a normal minimum-wage job like most of his high school friends, he saw an opportunity in the craze for Olivia-Newton-John style headbands that were a huge across America in the ‘80’s. Using discounted materials from his father who worked in the garment business; Gregg and a friend created the fabric headbands in his family’s living room and sold them to local flea markets. Before long, they started selling them to wholesalers and department stores, including JCPenney.

After he graduated from high school, Gregg tried college out for a year but soon decided he was better off in the business world immediately. At the age of 21, he moved onto the real estate and insurance business, where he has prospered for over 20 years.

To read more about Gregg S. Marcus, visit his official website, GreggMarcus.com.


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