Why Non-Car Owners Need Insurance Coverage

Here is an excerpt from a new blog post at GreggMarcus.com:

Many people would not understand the purpose of an auto insurance policy for non car owners. This usually comes as a big surprise to many individuals but a car insurance policy is a wise move even for those who do not own a car. Without proper coverage you are eligible to fall into a number of situations that will be discussed at full length later on. In this post, Long Island Insurance Executive, Gregg S. Marcuswill discuss the importance of auto insurance regardless of whether or not you own your own vehicle.

Cities which have a dependable mass transit system may lead you to believe you may not need a personal car for your daily movements. In an instance such as this you may think a car rental service will be there to take care of the times in which you must have a vehicle. When you rent a car, you also get an insurance coverage policy for a small period of time. Though a non-owner insurance policy turns out to be even cheaper than purchasing the short term insurance a rental company offers.

To read this post in it’s entirety, click here to visit the Gregg Marcus official website.

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