Does your Business Need Additional Coverage?

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As a business owner you have probably had to decide in the past whether your business insurance is over covering your business or under covering it. Too much coverage can become quite costly and in turn ineffective. While not having enough coverage can in the end put your business out if something unfavorable were to occur. Most companies’ policies possess the most basic of all coverage; including liability insurance, property insurance, and services such as worker’s comp. In this post, Long Island Insurance Executive, Gregg S. Marcus will explain why this basic coverage may not be enough in regards to your personal business.

The basic coverage mentioned earlier is normally okay if all your business consists of is a building and employees and you do not expect anything out of the ordinary to happen. There are some additional coverage options available that are crucial for businesses to acquire on top of their basic insurance policy. Most individuals believe the following are covered under their basic business insurance policy, when in fact more often than not they are not.

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