HOW TO: Stay Safe in Your Vehicle

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Though improvements in technology help to lower the number of car accidents that occur each year, it still remains that most accidents are the result of human error. In order to lower your risk of getting into an accident it is vital to practice safe driving skills. Regardless of whether you are a first time driver or have been behind the wheel for many decades, in this post, Gregg S. Marcus, a Long Island Insurance Executive advises that everyone follow these same safety precautions:

Slow Down!
It goes without saying that driving the speed limit is one of the simplest ways to stay safe. The old expression “speed kills” proves to be true. Studies have shown for every mile per hour you drive over the speed limit you are 4 or 5% more likely to get into an accident. With this logic while traveling ten miles past the speed limit (which happens quite often) you have nearly a 50% more likely chance of being part of an auto accident.

To read this post in it’s entirety, click here to visit the Gregg Marcus official website.

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