Can Marital Status Affect Car Insurance Premiums?

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Most people believe there are two factors that contribute greatly to lowering ones auto insurance: turning 25 and getting married. Both of these occurrences appear to be true, as becoming 25 as well as entering a marriage are both strong indicators of maturity and in respect safety. Though many people find this to be at often times ridiculous, there is logic behind an insurance company’s decision to change rates based on being either a single or married individual. In this post, Gregg S. Marcus, a Long Island Insurance Executive  explains the reasoning behind why auto insurance companies make this decision.

Auto insurance companies assume if one is married that they are a more responsible person, expecting them to be safer while behind the wheel of a car. This is of course a bias generalization, although studies have shown that individuals who are married are more responsible when it comes to instances such as automobiles and finance, resulting in married individuals being less reckless than those who are single.

To read this post in it’s entirety, click here to visit the Gregg Marcus official website.


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