Why New York Residents Need Rental Insurance

Here is an excerpt from a new blog post at GreggMarcus.com:

Any renter in New York or other state with an extremely high cost of living would benefit from having Renter’s Insurance. Since landlords only have insurance to cover the actual building and not your belongings, it is important to protect all of your possessions. In this blog post, Gregg S. Marcus, a Long Island Insurance Executive discusses why it is so important to protect the belongings in your rental unit.

Research has shown that the average renter owns more than $30,000 in personal property. This is a substantial replacement cost should you experience a traumatic event such as a fire or water leak. Renter’s insurance will assure you that your belongings can be replaced if they are damaged or stolen, giving you peace of mind that you are protected. Renter’s insurance also includes liability protection, which means you will have legal representation and compensation for injury or accident lawsuits. Renter’s insurance may also include reimbursed living expenses for temporary housing should you need it.

To read this post in it’s entirety, click here to visit the Gregg Marcus official website.


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