HOW TO: Create Business Connections Utilizing LinkedIn

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You may think of LinkedIn as just another social media site. If you use the site correctly, however, you can gain many new connections that can eventually be used to grow you business.LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media channels that exists for business and if you aren’t active on it, chances are that you are missing out on making important business connections. Long Island Insurance Executive Gregg Marcus  shares how he utilizes LinkedIn regularly to network with industry leaders as well as potential new clients.

Be Considered a Valuable Resource to Connections
Everyone is an expert at something. The more that you position yourself as an expert at a specific subject matter, the more your connections will think of you when they need help or advice. The more valuable you become to them, the more then will want to do business with you as well. Pay attention to status updates, discussions and questions they ask. These are all opportunities for you to display your expertise in your field.

To read this post in it’s entirety, click here to visit the Gregg Marcus official website.


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